Glaucoma Diagnosis

Brief description of this line of research

Glaucoma is a retinal disease characterized by gradual damage to the optic nerve head and resultant visual field loss. Early diagnosis and optimal treatment have shown to minimize the risk of visual loss due to glaucoma. The main indicator in glaucoma progression is cupping of the optic nerve head.  Our aim is to develop methods for computer-aided glaucoma diagnosis using the information extracted from retinal fundus images.


Automatic disc and cup segmentation

Automatic disc and cup segmentation


DCSeg – An interactive tool for optic disc and cup segmentation of stereo and monocular retinal fundus images

We have developed a new tool to ease the manual segmentation of the optic disc and cup of retinal fundus images, which can be used on monocular and stereo images. By using this tool we have built the release 3 of RIM-ONE.

Version 0.2b includes a Self-assessment mode, very useful for teaching and learning. This is a beta release that we will continue updating and improving.

The DCSeg tool and instructions can be downloaded from: DCSeg 0.2b

Demo video of optic cup segmentation in stereo mode:

We are glad to hear any comments about it!


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